Beware of Extremely Low Prices

Garden furniture clearance sales enable you to save a great deal of money and get high quality furniture at a great price. However, quality never comes cheap not even on a clearance sale. Not that is not possible to make a great bargain but extremely low prices almost always indicate inferior quality.

Quality garden furniture is made from the highest quality materials which are, unfortunately, relatively rare and expensive. But to be able to withstand the outdoor extremes and resist wear and tear, garden furniture also must be made according to the highest workmanship standards requiring continuing investments in machinery and technology. Lastly, quality brands invest a great deal of time and resources in design in order to increase both the comfort and aesthetic appeal of their furniture.

Manufacturers of cheap garden furniture compete with the reputable ones with extremely low prices. In most cases, the price of cheap garden furniture does not cover the cost for quality materials and much less for quality production. In order to keep the cost of the production as low as possible, these manufacturers use inferior quality materials and cheap labour force. As a result, the end products are typically built from materials which are unsuitable for outdoor use and with a high level of tolerance to flaws and faults. There is typically also little or no quality control.

Just because a particular piece of garden furniture is offered on a clearance sale at a great discount that does not necessarily mean that something wrong with it. On the contrary, even the most desirable garden furniture brands always offer some of their products on clearance sales in order to "clear" the stocks and offer new, more exciting designs. The discount on the listed price can reach as much as 50% or even more, however, do not expect get high quality garden furniture at ridiculously low price due to the above mentioned reasons. Even on a clearance, a quality piece of garden furniture is still considerably more expensive than cheap garden furniture at a regular price.

In order to avoid wasting your money on cheap garden furniture which does not last a single season, you are recommended to buy only from reputable brands or pay close attention to quality of the materials used and quality of workmanship. In the latter case, however, keep in mind that it sometimes is not easy to tell the difference between quality and low quality furniture. Cheap materials are often chemically treated to disguise inferior quality, while poorly fitting joints which are held together by a low quality glue cannot be seen during a routine inspection of the furniture. The price may not always indicate the quality but if you find a piece of garden furniture which is offered at an extremely low price and is claimed to be made from top quality materials, you are recommended to resist the temptation to buy such furniture if you do not want to be looking for a new one in the next season.

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