What to Watch For When Buying Garden Furniture on a Clearance

Garden TableJust because you are buying garden furniture on a clearance sale that does not mean that you have to accept anything you would not if you were paying the full price. After all, the main purpose of buying garden furniture on a clearance is to save money and not to waste it. If you want to get the best value for your money, you are recommended to watch for the following things when buying on a clearance:

Quality of the material. The material from which the garden furniture is made plays the key role in its beauty, convenience and durability. Although all materials which are used for making outdoor furniture should be able to withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes, most of them cannot without periodic protective treatments, while some even need to be stored indoors during the bad weather. Also, keep in mind that most materials come in different quality grades and that the difference between the highest and lowest quality may not be merely a matter of prestige. Let's take teak for example which comes in three different grades (A, B and C). While the highest quality teak easily lasts a lifetime requiring no protection against the outdoor elements whatsoever, the lowest quality teak does not last a single season if it is left outdoors without protective treatments.

Quality of workmanship. If you want your garden furniture to last and retain its beauty for many years to come, it must not only be made from quality material but it also must be built according to the highest quality workmanship standards. Most pieces of quality garden furniture are fully machine made because only perfectly fitting components and joints ensure strength and stability. Poorly built pieces of furniture, on the other hand, are vulnerable to wear and tear. As a result, they typically fail in a very short period of time, especially the pieces which are heavily used such as chairs, tables and loungers.  

Return policy and guarantee. If you are considering buying garden furniture online, you are highly recommended to read the return policy very carefully to see whether you will be able to return the ordered product in case you are not satisfied with it. Also, be sure to watch for the guarantee on the furniture. Clearance items usually have a shorter guarantee but quality pieces should have at least 1 year guarantee. Shorter guarantee is normal and it does not indicate inferior quality. However, since many clearance items are offered at minimal or no profit at all, you cannot expect for the manufacturer to offer full guarantee.

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